Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's Called "News"

As I was reading some "news" articles on the Internet, I (as often times happens) let my mind wander. Eventually it came back to the task at hand. As it did I began to realize the horrible abuse of the English language the writer of this particular article had committed against humanity.

"Don't they have an editor there?!" my mind screamed in anguish.

"This drivel passes for acceptable writing?" I say out loud.

What might be even more amazing is the fact that most, if not all, of these writers posses a degree from a four year university.

If this is the mark of a successful education, it's no wonder our world is in the shitter.

Please share with my readers and visitors what you feel the greatest atrocity against journalism has been. Heck, let us know about your disappointment in the education system.

Speaking of the education system, "the class of 2012 scored the lowest average SAT reading score since 1972. A bit of good news is that math scores were up." Source NPR News.


  1. I agree. I believe we should form old west style posses to round up these writers who did not proofread their work, and put these people who supposedly "possess" degrees on display as charlatans. :-P

    But all joking aside, I agree with you. I avoid HuffPo because they'll let anyone with an opinion and internet connection post something as "viable" news. It's why my teachers in school rarely allowed us to cite the internet as a reference.

    1. But...if you find it on the internet it HAS to be true!