Tuesday, April 28, 2015

An Open Letter


Dear family, friends, and acquaintances:

This morning I came to a crossroads that required me to make a decision. This decision was brought about by the culmination of feelings about posts made by two separate people. One of them posted about the Baltimore protests/riots which occurred on 4/27/15, and the other was Bruce Jenner’s recent interview from 4/24/15.

That decision is this: If you have not heard from me in a while, it is because I have either un-followed or unfriended you.

I do not take this decision lightly as, if you are on my friends list, I have found value in our relationship, and in you as a person. Enough so that I wish to remain in contact with you as you have impacted my life in such a way that I view you as worth having in it.

That being said, you can post what you want on your page. It’s your page.

But please, keep in mind that while it is your page, it is also a public forum. And this may come as a surprise to you, but not everyone in the world shares your viewpoint; and not everyone in the world is going to side with you when you post dramaticized, fear-driven, ignorance based, media fed photographs and videos.

Just because you took an Into to Social Problems class as an elective and you remember a Karl Marx or Malcolm X quote that fits the situation, you are not an expert on what is going on in Baltimore.

Same goes for that Into to Gender Problems class you took.

You are an expert in nothing except your own life

Telling me that sometimes you have to be violent in order to be heard does not make me believe you understand what #AllLivesMatter is really about. It makes me believe you are ignorant and socially near sighted.

Telling me that Bruce is “sick” and that there is no need to change what God has already made perfect does not make me believe you are a Christian. It makes me believe you are a hypocrite with your dyed hair, painted nails, pierced ears, and tattoos.

So again, I have un-followed or unfriended you. Not because I don’t love you, but because it upsets me to see that someone that I have allowed to be so close to me has values that are so far from me that it hurts.

It upsets me a great deal.

And I refuse to give someone else that much control over my life and my happiness.

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